20&21 jun 2020's-Hertogenbosch, NL

Brabantcup &

Organised by Stichting Outdoor Uden
One week before the World Dog Show in Amsterdam!

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Please feel welcome in Den Bosch!

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 Aug 2018 - 2 International All Breed Dog Shows CAC & CACIB

Dear Exhibitor,

Welcome to Den Bosch

On Saturday 04-08-2018 and Sunday 05-08-2018 Stichting Outdoor Uden organises a double International CAC-CACIB-Dog Show. All 10 Breed Groups will be judged on both days.! Our 1st Brabantcup en 2nd Meierij Show will be held in the spacious Brabanthallen in Den Bosch.

The committee from Stichting Outdoor Uden warmly welcomes you to exhibit your dog(s) in the modern and spacious Brabanthallen. Parking space directly in front of the venue.

We are looking forward welcoming you and your dog(s) on the 4th and 5th of August 2018.

The board
Stichting Outdoor Uden

Trade Stand holders

In case you would be interested to book a Trade Stand at our event please contact standhouders@brabant-cup.nl, or please call Mr Hubert Broks at +31 6 11 180 217, of het formulier downloaden.

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Planning your vist!

Final Juniorhandling

Mrs. Kristy Leest, NL

Start of the Main Ring

Group 1 Mr N. Lemo (HR)
Group 2 Mr Nallem (UY)
Group 3 Mr J.F. Vanaken (BE)
Group 4 MrJ. De Cuyper (BE)
Group 5 Mr A. Landarte (UY)
Group 6 Mr J.P. Achtergael (BE)
Group 7 Mr L.P. Teixeira (PT)
Group 8 Mr R. Feyaerts (BE)
Group 9 Mr F. Declerq (BE)
Group 10 Mr J. Wulteputte (BE)

Best Brace Ms I. Hectors (BE)
Best Group Ms I. Hectors (BE)
Best Progency Gr. Ms V.Boesmans (BE)

Best Minor Puppy Ms C. Kersemeyer (NL)
Best Puppy Mr S. Bessho (JP)
Best Junior Mr H. Van den Berg (NL)
Best Veteran Mr P. van Montfoort (NL)
Best In Show Mr T. Leenen (BE)

Final Juniorhandling

Mrs. Lenie v.d. Nieuwenburg, NL

Start of the Main Ring

Group 10 Mr A. Landarte (UY)
Group 9 Mr M. Marabotto (IT)
Group 8 Ms R. Lochs (NL)
Group 7 Mr J Schepers (NL)
Group 6 Mr R. Barenne (FR)
Group 5 Mr H. Van den Berg (NL)
Group 4 Ms C. Swijssen (BE)
Group 3 Ms L. De Ridder (BE)
Group 2 Mr S. Vanden Bosch (BE)
Group 1 Mr N. Deschuymere (BE)

Best Brace Dhr P. Roosenboom (BE)
Best Group Dhr P. Roosenboom (BE)
Best Progency Gr. MrJ. De Cuyper (BE)

Best Minor Puppy Ms W. Strijbos (NL)
Best Puppy Ms D. Degryze (BE)
Best Junior Mr L.P. Teixeira (PT)
Best Veteran Mr A. Jacques (BE)
Best In Show Mr S. Bessho (JP)

Entering your dog(s) for the show(s)!

Do not hesitate and enter your dog(s) today. We look forward to welcome you!

Entry closes 15th July, 2018

Entering your dog(s)!


Thanks to our partners!